Bushfire Training Campaign
We organised a training campaign in the HAJIMAC Chitimba Wildlife Club against the unnecessary bushfires. 
Over the past few years there has been a habit of burning the bush unnecessarily with our local area. This has had a hugely negative impact on the local wildlife. 
The Brown Munthali Foundation saw the need to help educate the community  after the unfortunate deaths of local people where they were attacked by bees living in the bushes being burnt. As hospitals are not present in the local area it was impossible for these people to receive the medical attention needed after being stung so many times by the bees. 
As a community we need to understand this conflict between local wildlife and the people living here. This is why we developed a local education plan and have started to invest in beekeeping to support the community as well as our precious wildlife. The honey produced by these bees provides members of the community with an income as well as a food source. 
We continue to seek support and donations as we need
- Beehive and Beekeeping equipment including honey processing resources.
- Office equipment and stationary for our operation.
We were very happy to receive support from the High Five Club who donated money were able to use to help provide food to the trainers who supported our community in gaining knowledge on keeping bees.

Work on our new orphanage
We have been moving our orphanage to a new location. We are currently seeking support to help construct new structures at our new plot. In the photos below you can see the classroom we have been building, one of our carers preparing food in the kitchen and also the work we've carried out on building a toilet.
Fresh Water at our Orphanage
We have been fundraising to provide a water well for one of our orphanages. Currently we have been funded MWK2,000,000.00 which is fantastic news. We still need to raise  $1400US to enable us to finish building the inside of the well and also to purchase a water pump. This will enable us to provide clean water to the orphans we care for.
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